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Introduction to AlphaCom


Dateline:SEPTEMBER 1997.

AKRON,OHIO: AlphaCom introduces the InSat Wireless Modem to the United States and Canada. With great excitement AlphaCom offers unlimited access to the Internet with e-mail and web space for a personal home page. No dish, no permanent antenna, and no phone lines.

The Internet is unlocking the doorway to knowledge and information so we can learn grow and become successful in our world today.  Every where you look you see billboards, magazines, radio and television stations leading us to the World Wide Web. AlphaCom is providing the key to technology and the internet that will propel us into the 2000's.

  Each modem contains its own static IP address, giving you access twenty four hours a day seven days a week without loosing your connection to the internet.  This means no more busy signals.  Having a static IP address allows you to take your InSat Wireless with you and browse the internet from almost anywhere. AlphaCom is devoted to helping you communicate more effectively on a local and global basis, offering you cutting edge technology and communications for now and into the next millenium.

AlphaCom and its Independent Distributors are a team of professionals mutually committed to using sound business principles in the pursuit of building very successful independent businesses that offer significant value to consumers. You can be a part of this once in a lifetime ground floor opportunity bringing internet communication into the 21st century.



Always Connected Never Confined