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Wireless Modem:

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says Bob Snyder, Alphacom President, February 12, 1998 in Nationwide Conference call.


Order yours today . . .click on "Order Form" below, fill it out and fax to 330-785-2767,

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* One time activation fee of $34.95 to establish local carrier access account also monthly ISP charges range from $19.95 annual pay contract to $24.95 monthly pay for unlimited Internet access, static IP address, e-mail, ftp, cgi, and space for a 2mg home page.**The AlphaCom Wireless InSat Modem relies on CDPD carrier service in your area of operation. To verify CDPD coverage in your area call 330-785-5555 ext 4.  


AlphaCom is a two year old Akron, Ohio based company providing you with "new technology" Internet communication products. The Introduction of the Insat wireless was exciting news. Numerous articles have been written about the new InSat Wireless, one of the best is the PC Week Article of June 23, 1997. The InSat Wireless uses CDPD to connect to the Internet. You'll need to check the Maps to make sure you are in a CDPD area. You may want to read over the frequently asked Questions and Answers, both for the consumer and the potential distributor. Although AlphaCom will never be a catalog company, they do offer a limited number of Related Products. Need more Wireless info? We also list a complete explanation of the InSat Cost and Specifications. Ready to order yours today? You can download your OrderForm here, just fill it out and fax or mail it to AlphaCom.

If you have an interest in investigating the opportunity of becoming an independent distributor, you will want to read the AlphaCom Corporate Update. You can also get additional information from the our Toll-Free Conference Call or Fax On-Demand line. AlphaCom is a brand new high tech multi-level marketing opportunity offering excellant Compensation. Download our fax/mail-in on-line Application, the cost is very minimal with maximum return.

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